9 May

Pokies With Prepaid Gift Cards ?

People can use Visa gift cards to play the pokies. Believe it or not, when you receive gift cards from relatives at Christmas or on your birthday, you can use those funds for gambling online. In fact, few other payment options are going to give punters more deposit options than Visa gift cards. Visa is the world’s most widespread credit card. You might not know how the Visa association works, but the company is actually owned by over 20,000 associated financial institutions worldwide. The card represents a vast consortium of companies worldwide.


When it comes time to gamble, you’ll be able to turn your birthday and holiday presents into casino money in moments. Visa is accepted at over 2,500 online gambling websites worldwide, including 1,362 gaming sites which accept Australians and 1,475 websites which accept players from New Zealand. A prepaid gift card is going to be accepted anywhere a standard credit card issued by VISA is accepted, so you’ll have hundreds of online casinos available for deposits. Keep in mind it’s a gift card, so unless otherwise stated, you won’t be able to reload the card or make withdrawals using this option (unlike the Visa credit card).

How to Use a Visa Gift Card for Pokies


Since many people wanting to use a Visa gift card might be online gambling newbies, here’s a quick guide for playing the pokies online. When you want to play the pokies, you’ll need to choose a gaming website first. Online poker machines are found both at online casinos and mobile casinos. Online casinos cater to people who use a desktop computer or laptop notebook for gaming. Punters can download the casino software when using a Microsoft operating system, or use a no-download Flash game when using a Microsoft OS, Mac OS, or Linux OS.


When you get to a website’s homepage, simply find the links which say “Download” for the downloadable version or “Instant” or “Flash Casino” for the non-download games. When you get to virtual casino lobby, you’ll want to click on the link which says either pokies or, more likely, “slots” (the American name for pokies). On rare occasions, you’ll see pokies referred to as “fruit games”, the UK name for poker machines.


Mobile casinos cater to players who use an Android smartphone, iPhone, or iPad tablet computer. While the Android OS and the Apple iOS are the most common downloadable apps for gamblers, some mobile casinos offer Blackberry OS applications and Windows Phone OS.


Visa Gift Card: An Example


To further illustrate how you might use a gift card to gamble, I’ll discuss a sample online casino signup. I’ll use Spin Palace Casino as my example. Spin Palace is owned by Wagershare and powered by Microgaming casino software, so you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of Microgaming pokies. Spin Palace is licensed in Malta and is based in Camden Town (or simple Camden), a district of Inner London.


Spin Palace supports 18 languages and 14 currencies, including the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar. Players have 24 deposit options and 19 different withdrawal methods. Players can use Visa credit, Visa debit, or Visa Electron (prepaid) for deposits and withdrawals. That means you can use a Visa gift card to play the pokies on the Spin Palace Casino, though you won’t be able to use the gift card as a cashout option.


By my informal account, Spin Palace offers 402 online pokies titles for play. This includes classic 3-reels, progressive pokies, and all the famous licensed Microgaming pokies. SpinPalace Casino offers one of the largest selections of online poker machines of any casino in the Australian and New Zealand markets–and everything can be paid with a Visa gift card.


Visa Facebook


The Visa Facebook page is the best place to find the most deals online. While this site is unlikely to have a lot of additional information for casino gambling, most Visa card users choose the company because it offer flexibility for their gambling hobby and their non-gambling purchases. The site has constant updates about promotions and bargains worldwide, while a community of over 14 million people post their own links to the best deals on the Internet. Another way to network for the sake of learning about online deals is to go to Facebook Gift Card, which is a more general forum for using gift cards online. While it’s not Visa-specific, a section exists specifically for Visa gift card transactions.


Let me warn about Facebook scammers, though. Any successful online company is going to have scam artists traveling in its wake. Companies like Visa and MasterCard have more than most, due to the nature of their business. One infamous promotion going around Facebook for a time had a picture of a Visa card and the caption “Get a Free $1,000 Visa Gift Card”. When you click on this supposed ad, it takes you to a non-Visa landing page which suggests you have a chance to win a thousand-dollar gift card by making a few purchases. The scam is you have to make a dozen or more purchases to see if you win–which you won’t. As a general rule, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. Once again, Visa has over 14,500,000 likes on Facebook, so if you go to a (supposed) Visa page with anything less, it’s not the official webpage.


What Are Visa Check Cards?


A Visa check card is the same thing as a Visa debit card. The different names simply derive from various regions, so you’ll see them identified either way. These are Visa debit cards issued by banks and other financial institutions, which connect to your checking account. Check cards are different from standard gift cards, though both work on the debit concept. People pre-pay for these cards, which then can be used to pay for online goods and services. One of those services is the online casino, so you can use them to fund your online pokies gambling.