11 May

Neteller Pokies

Neteller is a widespread deposit method for Australian online poker machine gamblers. Any legitimate pokies site is going to offer Neteller payments. The web wallet offers services designed for high rollers, while offering a handy mass market way of paying for your online gaming and electronic purchases. Players who don’t want a myriad of e-wallet accounts will find Neteller a solid all-purpose online payment method.

Why Use a Web Wallet?

Pokies players who use Neteller are going to have successful transactions more often than many competitive methods. A handy prepaid card will be issued when you fund your account and input a coupon code. These various features make Neteller a favourite money method used by Australians.

E-Wallet Payments Decline Less Often

When licensed online gambling launched in New Jersey 6 months ago, the US press spotlighted the high percentage of credit card payments which declined. A study showed that approximately 44% of credit card deposits worked. The remaining 56% of those whose cards declined had to find alternate methods of funding their account. Many simply gave up and stopped playing.

In the midst of that issue, Tom Pohlman of the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City pointed out the New Jersey experience was worldwide. He said Visa credit card payments worked about 75% of the time, but MasterCard deposits worked in only 25% of all cases. The fact is, credit card companies are not always comfortable involving themselves with online casinos. It’s not that they have moral qualms. They don’t want to deal with the headaches that local authorities provide.

In these cases, a web wallet provides far fewer headaches from your perspective. Neteller alludes to this problem on their corporate website, where it says, “A lot of our customers arrive at NETELLER after their debit or credit cards are declined on a website.” If you want to make a deposit at a site, it’s quicker and easier to deposit using Neteller than one of the credit cards.

Aussie gamblers who trust MasterCard over any e-wallet still have options. Their best option is the Net+ Prepaid Card, which comes free with a Neteller account.

Net+ Prepaid Card – Neteller MasterCard

Neteller issues its own prepaid MasterCard, which is called the Neteller+ Card. To get the most out of your Neteller account, use the Neteller Prepaid MasterCard. This provides point-of-sales financial services, along with withdrawals from ATMs anywhere in the world. The Neteller+ Prepaid Card is an option for anyone who uses a Neteller account.

The Net+ program is similar to the PayPal Debit Card. This payment option is easier to use, though. With Net+, you can use the money in your account at that moment. All you have to do is sign up for an account, deposit funds, and activate the card. The Neteller-Plus card can be used anywhere a Discover Card is accepted.

The Net+ card has low ATM fees in comparison to its competitors. The card is designed with a smart chip and a personal identification number (“PIN”), making it a secure way to spend your Internet funds. Payments are made using 128-bit technology, which is considered cutting edge technology in the online security business. High rollers should keep in mind that a daily ATM cash withdrawal limit of $500 USD is imposed, so high stakes gamblers might not find the card as useful as the penny players and mid-stakes gamblers. For that, you’ll want the Neteller VIP account.

Neteller 20% Cashback Offers

Neteller occasionally runs promotions which encourage Australian punters to use their service. A 20% cashback deal is a common promotional offer for Aussies. This ran in the summer of 2013, and several times prior to that. Under the terms of this deal, Australian pokies players who make a deposit using Neteller for the first time receive an additional 20% cashback on these deposits, plus an additional $10 bonus.

These offers are seasonal, so it may not work at the time you read this. I suggest people to Google “Neteller cash back offers” to see if a promotion is running at the time. If so, you’ll be given a promo code to activate these comps.

Neteller VIP

Neteller VIP is for gamblers with a high turnover rate, thus it’s the high roller card from Neteller. It was designed to compete with the Skrill VIP card, its major rival in the gambling-related web wallet industry. In many ways, it is better designed for the high stakes gamblers known as “premium players”–that is, gamblers who wager a lot on any given outcome, but less than $10,000 per bet.

At the same time, it won’t offer quite the same advantages as Skrill VIP does for whales (those who wager more than $10,000–sometimes a lot more). I’ll support that statement with a comparison, though let me apologize for using Euros in my analysis. Due to a fluctuating exchange rate, if I used the Australian dollar as the standard, the numbers used would be inaccurate for Australians at any given time. Using the Euro will let you make comparisons as you go.

Neteller VIP vs. Skrill VIP

At the lower levels, Neteller’s card beats its rival. The entry level (Bronze) for Neteller is 600 Euros, while Skrill users need to wager 2,000 Euros to activate special rewards. The Silver level VIP rewards for Neteller are better, as they trigger at 3,000 Euros, as opposed to 5,000 Euros for Skrill. The Neteller Gold level is activated at 6,000 Euros, while the Skrill Gold level requires a 15,000 Euro investment. A fourth or Platinum level is triggered for Neteller users at 30,000 Euros, though Skrill has no commensurate level.

It’s only at the Diamond level that Skrill beats the competition. If you deposit 30,000 Euros (or its equivalent), you’ll unlock the top level of the Skrill VIP rewards program. To get the top-level rewards from Neteller VIP, you’ll need to deposit 150,000 Euros. I’m sure a Neteller representative would say that Skrill is comparable to Net VIP’s Platinum level, given they trigger with the same amount of money. Looking at it from that perspective, the Neteller VIP account has an additional rewards level. Those rewards are not commensurate, though, so I contend the Skrill VIP card is best for the highest-level users.

The fees are slightly better for Skrill VIP, too. For Neteller transactions, you’ll be able to receive money transactions for free, along with making free deposits. Also, sending money person-to-person is free with Neteller, while it costs a fee with Skrill. Instant bank deposits and credit card transfers cost money with Neteller, though. The same transactions are free when using Skrill. Since the transactions fees do not favour either side exclusively, I consider the competition a stalemate, if you do not factor in the cashout fees. Withdrawal fees are more expensive with Neteller VIP, which is why I give the edge to Skrill-Moneybookers in this comparison.

Neteller on Social Networking Sites

Online pokies gamblers searching for the latest news updates and information on bonus offers can go to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Neteller appears to have no significant presence on Facebook. If you search for it, you’ll find at least three pages claiming to be the official Neteller web presence on Facebook. None appear to be real, because they aren’t updated the way a corporate web page would be. Also, they have almost no following. Beware of Neteller scams on Facebook.

Oddly enough, the Neteller Twitter presence is significant. You’ll find 10 to 15 Tweets a day, including timely answers to support questions. If you’re looking to get a response from Neteller personnel on a social networking website, go to Twitter. Most online pokies players can go to the live chat for a quicker response. Since Twitter has been used before to get corporations to act when they ignore private messages, I wanted to mention Twitter as an option. You should never have to use such an option with Neteller.

Neteller Corporate History

Neteller is one of the names synonymous with online gambling. Ten years ago, 80% of all worldwide online gambling merchants used Neteller. The Canadian company made over $230 million a year on transaction fees. Neteller was in the middle of moving to a more gaming-friendly headquarters on the Isle of Man in the British Isles. It seemed poised to become one of the next giants of Internet commerce.

Most of the account users were Americans. Members of the Republican-controlled US federal government wanted to stop online marketers from making money off the poker boom. In 2006, politicians “tacked on” the UIGEA laws to the bipartisan Safe Port Act. Though anti-gambling laws did not have support to pass on their own merits, no US politician would have voted against a law that kept American ports out of foreign administration, for fear of seeming unpatriotic.

Suddenly, it became illegal to process online gambling fees the way Neteller did. Already, the U.S. Justice Department had been targeting the electronic cash transfer companies supporting the online gambling industry. With the UIGEA in place, the Justice Department had the authority to punish those who processed gambling winnings. Neteller was first on the list of offenders. US-based Neteller accounts were frozen (until 2007) and most of the big name gaming companies and their support providers left the American market. By 2010, Neteller’s revenues were at $44 million per year.

Despite its troubles with the United States law enforcement agencies, Neteller survived and even thrived in the years since. In 2014, Neteller remains one of the most widespread funding services for online pokies and other forms of gambling. Neteller offers deposits and withdrawals at nearly 1,500 Internet gaming websites in the Australian market. Hundreds of these sites are online casinos, which have virtual pokies.

Name any of the major UK casinos and you’ll find Neteller as a payment option. The company is even listed on the London Stock Exchange, under the designation “OPAY”. Its British based parent company is Optimal Payments PLC, which is based on the Isle of Man. The Neteller money transfer service is used in over 180 nations worldwide.