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Privacy Policy – SafePokies.com

Just like you, we at SafePokies.com surf the world wide web, gathering data, researching information and seeking the answers to all of life’s intermittent questions. We expect our privacy to be paramount to the websites we peruse, and as such, understand how important safety and security is to our readers. We assure you that your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.


We’ve put together this Privacy Policy to give you clear insight on what we do here, what information we collect from you, and exactly how we might use that information in the future. We use the latest software and hardware to ensure such information is accurately received and kept confidential at all times.


It is rare that we would request any of our readers divulge their personal information to us, but sometimes a situation may arise where doing so would be dually beneficial, both to us and our visitor(s). For instance, signing up for a newsletter would require your email address and a name. This would allow us to continue providing you with information regarding everything our website has to offer, while allowing you to take advantage of any details you may deem beneficial. Anytime we do request any personal information from you, we will detail in full the purpose of that information, and if you so choose to oblige us with that information, you can rest assured that it will be used for no other purpose than outlined and kept entirely safe.


With all of this in mind, we present you with our Privacy Policy Agreement. By accessing the information and/or using the services on this website, you automatically agree to these terms, so be sure to give them a quick read, and check back for future updates.


Privacy Policy Agreement

By accessing the information and/or using the services provided on SafePokies.com (“the website”), you hereby acknowledge your acceptance of the terms of this agreement. It is our right to make any changes we deem necessary to this agreement at any time we see fit. Once the changes are posted on the website, they take effect immediately. Your continued use of the website grants consent to this and all future policy updates.


Limitation of Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy pertains only to any information collected electronically through SafePokies.com. Any further information provided by any other means will not be governed by this document.


Frequently Asked Questions

To help you better understand our Privacy Policy, its intentions, limitations and your rights, we’ve devised a brief FAQ section to answer any general questions you may have.


  1. 1.       What Information does SafePokies collect?
    When visiting our website, specific actions may trigger an exchange of information between you and our website. We would only collect information when any of the following situations occurs:

    1. If/When you register an account with SafePokies.com
    2. If/When you fill out a form on SafePokies.com
    3. If/When you sign up to receive a newsletter from SafePokies.com


  1. 2.       Is there a reason you need this information?
    Yes. For example, we cannot provide you with a newsletter if you don’t give us an email address, and we would feel ashamed of ourselves if we were to email you with the heading, “Hey you,” as opposed to a name or moniker of your choosing. If you choose to fill out any other form(s) on our website, the information collected may be required for one of several reasons:

    1. a.       To personalize your experience on SafePokies.com
    2. b.      To ensure we offer the best possible services based on a better understanding of our visitors
    3. c.       For statistical data analysis
    4. d.      To maintain the website’s compliance with required licensing factors 


  1. 3.       Will you share my information with anyone else?
    We have no intentions of sharing your information with any outside party. However, there are certain circumstances where we may be legally required to do so. They include:

    1. a.       If required by law or a regulatory body
    2. b.      If any legal situation arises that, by doing so, would allow us to defend our property and/or rights
    3. c.       If any third party procures SafePokies.com and its client base


  1. 4.       Will you ever sell my information?
    SafePokies.com will not share, trade, rent, sell or otherwise divulge any information you provide to us to any person or third party for any reason (outside of legal obligation; see question 3). Whatever information we collect is stored on our own database, where it remains until deleted by us or at your own request.


  1. 5.       Do you use Cookies?
    No, we do not use cookies on SafePokies.com. Cookies are small, text-only files that are downloaded to your computer whenever you visit a website. Cookies collect information about a user’s browsing experience, and are then sent back to the webmaster, telling them where else the user surfed the web. They are generally used to target customers with customized browsing/advertising experiences. Many web surfers find cookies to be more intrusive than necessary, and we tend to agree. That’s why we don’t use them.

  2. 6.       Who all has access to my information?
    Only employees of SafePokies.com are able to view your personal information (see questions 3 & 4).


Third-Parties / External Links

Any third party websites or services that are advertised and externally linked through are website are not covered by the Privacy Policy of SafePokies.com. These websites may or may not possess their own privacy policies, which should be reviewed separately by any of our visitors who choose to access them via our website. By acknowledging our Privacy Policy, you agree not to hold SafePokies.com or any of its employees liable in any way, shape or form for anything that occurs on any other website you may access by clicking any external links found on SafePokies.com. For more information, please see our Terms of Use.


Updates to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update and alter the Privacy Policy on SafePokies.com at our own discretion, with or without notice to you. It is your responsibility to review this policy regularly and ensure you are familiar with the latest version. Note that we will always provide a ‘Last Updated’ date at the bottom of this page.


Last Updated: February 2, 2014