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Poli Pokies

Virtual pokies are found at dozens of online casinos which accept POLi Payments system. Australians and New Zealanders who want to use their favourite home grown electronic payment method should have no trouble finding sites that will accept POLi. Any licensed, legitimate online casino available in either country should offer POLi Payments as a deposit option. If your chosen online casino does not offer POLi, I would become suspicious of whether it is a trustworthy gaming operator.

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About POLi Payments


The parent company is Centricom Pty Ltd, which is located in Melbourne, Australia. Consumers and merchants throughout Australia and New Zealand use the online payment method. Most of the online pokies casinos which accept Australian and NZ players make certain to support the payment method, since they would otherwise lose customers to neglect the service.


This makes POLi Internet one of the best payment options for Aussies and Kiwis, because it is widespread, trusted, and well known. POLi Payments won the Payment Provider of the Year at the 1st Annual EGaming Review Awards program, which was held at the Shangrila Hotel in Sydney, Australia on February 25, 2014.


How to Buy with POLi


If you want a quick tutorial on signing up and paying with POLi, click on this 1 minute and 7 second video . You’ll learn how to use your Internet banking to pay for goods and services, and how you can use the service with any device.


Advantages of POLi Payments


The biggest advantage of a POLi payment is it’s free. The company does not charge when customers use a service. The service also provides an added layer of security, because you won’t be using your credit card to make every payment. The card doesn’t require a sign-up like PayPal or Neteller would, so you have no extra passwords to remember. Payment is instant.


Another one of the advantages of POLi Payments over a company like PayPal is the flexibility. For instance, PayPal locks you into one credit card, for the sake of security. With POLi, you’ll be able to link multiple credit and debit cards to the account. Be sure you want an online account linked to all your sources of cash and credit, but if that’s your decision, you have the option.


POLi Payments Facebook Page


The POLi Payments Facebook page provides access to promotions, updates, and apps to help you use your Internet enable bank account to pay for more goods and services online. Punters can go online to the pass to socially network with other POLi users, learning about the best deals and bargains for Aussies on the Internet. Many of the top POLi vendors and service providers online becomes Facebook friends with the page, so one of the advantages you receive is a one-click portal to all the best online options, from Virgin Australia, Centrebet, Mantra Hoels, Jetstar NZ, and Powerland. For instance, you can learn about the latest appliance and electronics deals at Powerland. If you’re interested in the POLi Twitter feed, click on the link provided.


POLi New Zealand


Pokies players from New Zealand who want to sign up for their own POLi Payments account should navigate to the POLi New Zealand page. Besides funding your online gambling activities, the cash payment service is useful for checkout at a myriad of businesses: Air New Zealand, The Warehouse, Interislander, NZ Transport Agency, World Vision, Nakedbus, and Intercity. The service is useful when making payments to New Zealand government agencies, online retailers, most air carriers, and many of the billers in the country. POLi has been a payment option in New Zealand since 2007. To learn more, email their contact people at info@merco.co.nz or dial the number +64 9 363 6721.


The supported financial institutions for POLi3 are ANZ Bank, Westpac, Kiwibank, TSB Bank, and the Bank of New Zealand. If you still use POLi2, the supported financial institutions are Bank Direct or ASB Bank, so choose your version according to the bank you use. Version 3 is best in combining security with ease of use, so upgrade if your banking choice allows it. The service supports all the latest versions of the major web browsers, include Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Apple Safari. Other web browsers and operating systems might work, though they are not supported.


Security Concerns


If you happen to see articles online about POLi security concerns, check closely to see when those articles were posted. Anything from 2012 or before refers to previous versions of the product, which had technical issues. Those holes in security have been patched with more recent versions, so gamblers should have no concerns with Version 2 or Version 3. Version 1.0 of POLi Internet made it much easier than many online payment methods to register and make payments. Unfortunately, this led to security issues that gave the service a bad reputation previous to 2008. When POLi Version 2 appeared, this system use the Net One Click method to provide better security, though the user experience was compromised. If someone wanted to use it in the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, you needed an additional plug-in.


Since July 2012, POLi Version 3 has been operating. This allows you to make payments in the web browser, which combines high usability with upgraded security. Mac devices and mobile devices can use Version 3, which was not possible in the previous incarnations. If your computer or mobile device supports POLi3 and your bank accommodates the software, I suggest you get the latest downloadable version and use it to fund your pokies gambling online.


Responsible Gaming


Anyone who is gambling on the online poker machines should take the time to learn how to practice responsible gambling. Pokies are for fun and entertainment, but should never be seen as a solution to your financial problems. Like the land-based casinos, online casinos have a house edge on their games, so the odds are against you winning more than you lose. Pokies bets come in rapid succession, so view your POLi Payments statement often to understand how much money you are spending on your gaming hobby.