20 Mar

Tablet Pokies

 It used to be, if you wanted to play the pokies, you had to visit the local pub or a genuine casino establishment. We’ve come a long way since the original one armed bandits of old. In the 1980’s, the RNG (random number generator) was devised by Norwegian mathematician Inge Telnaes, renovating the gambling industry as we know it. Then the mid-90s brought us a progressive abundance of online pokies. Further advancements in modern technology led to mobile gaming and eventually today’s most beloved tablet pokies.

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If you’ve been under a rock for the last few years, a tablet is basically a miniature, laptop computer, but without the hindrance of an open-and-close lid or physical keyboard. Tablets are equipped with a special operating system that allows them to do many things that a desktop PC cannot, but in turn, are also limited in their capabilities. Thankfully, for us online pokie fans on the go, those limitations do not include gambling.


The history of the tablet PC has a much longer timeline than you might think. The very first form of tablet-related technology, known as ‘pen computing’ actually dates as far back as 1915. That’s when the very first patent was granted for a system that was capable of translating handwritten characters. That didn’t have a practical use in society, though, so most of use never heard about it. Then in the 1980’s, when computers were becoming more widely useful, many companies developed what was, in fact, the very first tablet PCs. The PenPoint OS made them more desirable, but with low-grade resolution and no such thing as the internet, they just weren’t desirable enough to be big sellers outside of the high-profile business and technology realm.


Microsoft re-introduced the tablet PC in 2000, which was a lot more popular due to the invention of the world wide web, but still the technology lacked the necessary innovations for global popularity. In fact, it wasn’t until ten years later when Apple came out with – you guessed it – the iPad, that everyone and their third cousin began snatching up tablets off the shelves at their local electronics stores. There are now several immensely popular tablets on market, powered by three major operating systems; the he iOS, exclusive to Apple products (iPad, iPhone, iPod), Android, found on many big-name brands like Samsung, Dell and HTC, and Blackberry. Microsoft also introduced Windows 8 for use on tablets, and Google gets their hands into everything these days, so no surprise it developed one too, but so far these brands haven’t attracted enough attention from gamers to warrant complete software overhauls by the developers of tablet pokies.

Tablet Pokies for iPad, Android and Blackberry

So you want to play tablet pokies? There are hundreds of online pokie sites that deliver such an experience, but most of them are restrictive in one form or another. They might be compatible with Apple iOS devices or Android tablets, but not both. Or they might have a highly limited arrangement of playable pokies to choose from. To get the best of both worlds, I’ve found Microgaming’s tablet pokies to offer the most benefits.


Microgaming is the world’s oldest online gambling software developer, and also the most respected in the industry. Therefore it should come as no surprise that Microgaming is one of a small handful of developers that took the time to refurbish its online gaming client to accommodate all of the most popular mobile devices and tablets. Microgaming’s tablet pokies are compatible with iOS, Android and Blackberry devices, individually optimized by programming on multiple tiers of technology that include both Java and the latest HTML5 language.


A fantastic example would be the tablet pokies at Spin Palace Mobile Casino. They have several dozen tablet pokies on the menu and accept deposits in AU$. Their mobile platform was originally optimized for Android devices, but operates smoothly on all major Smartphones and tablets. And since the games are powered by Microgaming, punters will find the largest variety of tablet pokies and other gambling amusements like blackjack and video poker available. The software brand is synonymous with progressive jackpots as well and offers the largest network of progressives in the online gambling business. Tablet pokies with progressive jackpots include such celebrated titles as Major Millions, Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck and Treasure Nile.